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RETE Ventures S.c.r.l.
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Paul Muller email
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WP2 leader
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General Research Activities of the Dept./Lab
  • PATENTS: Identification of new technological opportunities, products and processes ready for application through patent screening and screening of the University research results, and selection of these innovations; intellectual property protection and valorization activities, providing assistance in the registration of patents and promotion of the inventions and related patents towards industry;
  • SPIN-OFF: stimulation and tutoring of the start-up of new spin-off enterprises that use and valorize activities, products or production processes with a high technological content through technical and managerial tutoring and incubation services at the related laboratories and with seed capital provided by the Quantica SGR subsidiary company; high-tech Spin off firms coming out from the Italian research are also the potential partners for the other companies technological development;
  • R&D: Promotion of agreements between businesses and related research groups in order to stimulate various forms of cooperation and industrial R&D outsourcing contracts at and with academic research;
  • ILO: Providing universities and research centres with advanced services, supporting the creation of Industrial Liason Offices (ILO) and the development of technology transfer activities;
  • DATABASE: Access to the Technology offer of the shareholder's research groups, as a dialogue platform with industries to meet their requirements of technological solutions;
  • FINANCING: Identification of institutional opportunities for financing in order to support joint University-industry projects, and assistance in drafting these projects;
  • HUMAN RESOURCES AND TRAINING: Advanced technologies specialists and vocational training for technicians in collaboration with our laboratories.

Research Activities relevant to NoE

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Contribution to NoE (Analytical description)

RETE VENTURES, a company associated to the coordinator institution INSTM that has a long experience in these activities, will coordinate the IPR activities and integration of the Network.

The main objective of the Intellectual Property Rights work will be the elaboration of strategies and tools and their application for the protection of the intellectual capital developed within the Network. This will be realized by a continuous monitoring of patents and other property rights generated from the research of the five areas of the Network.

Moreover, this task will be also dedicated to generate the organisation, the rules and the tools to manage the IPR in the European Centre for Multifunctional Nanostructured Polymers and Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites (ECNP).

The specific objectives are:

• Development of a homogeneous policy for IPR inside the new organisation.

• Determination of current know-how inside the Network accordingly with rules in the Consortium Agreement.

• Organisation of a permanent advise office to support NANOFUN members in IPR in the framework of the Network activities.

Representatives for IPR will be identified in each core partner to form a work group. RETE VENTURES will be the IPR coordinator and will be part of and report to the Integration Committee.

In particular, the activities that Rete Ventures will conduce are:

1) Consortium agreement definition, that is negotiation and definition of IPR contents of consortium agreement:

- exclusion of pre-existing know-how

- access right to pre-existing know-how between same-project participant, by core partners and by third parties

- access right to knowledge (results of the project) between same-project participant, core partners and by third parties

- publications, ECNP creations and IPR

- confidentiality, protection and ownership of IPR by ECNP

2) Design and organisation of IPR models and of IPR managing office for the Network, that means structuring of IPR management suitable to the Nanofun consortium specific needs and design of IPR model and management instruments, training and adaptations:

Organisation of IPR management office and definition of rules and organisation:

- specific data collection from partners (concerning the specific country IPR legal issues)

- design of procedures, model contracts and rules about:

- patents

- confidentiality agreements (among partners and among partners and third parties)

- publications

- access rights agreements

- joint patent agreements

The main deliverable is a report on IPR Management office composition, procedures and rules.

3) Design and organisation of an IPR managing office for the European Centre for Multifunctional Nanostructured Polymers and Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites (ECNP), structuring the IPR management suitable to ECNP:

- Conceptualization of IPR managing structures and rules in ECNP.

- First definition of the final IPR organization for ECNP.

The deliverables are a report on IPR managing office for ECNP and the progress reports.

4) Managing the IPR inventory of the specific research activities of Nanofun, managing inventory on the web database (starting from the screening of WP14) on:

- Polymer chemistry

- Polymer processing

- Nanostructure property relationships

- Applications

- Life Cycle Engineering

On the five research areas update of database about:

- patents

- agreements (joint patent, confidentiality, access rights)

- knowledge (after the screening of WP 15 Technology Transfer)

- publications

Dedicated Staff

1.Dr. Silvia Zinetti email
2. Paul Miller email
3. Dr. Paolo Balma Tivola email
4. Dr. Andrea Russo email
5. Vincenzo Fresolone email

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Partner Identity
Material relevant to the Institute
General Research Activities of the Dept./Lab
Research Activities relevant to NoE
Contribution to NoE (Analytical description)
Dedicated Staff
List of relevant publications
List of infrastructure/ facilities of host Institution

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