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Partner Identity
Legal Name of host Institution:
National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies
Name of Dept./Lab involved in NoE:
1. Centre of Nanotechnology (IMT-Bucharest)
2.Physics of multifunctional nanostructured systems (NIRD-IMT-Cluj Napoca)
Host Institution Internet Address: and
Responsible Scientist:

1.Irina Kleps email
2. RodicaTurcu email

Active in WP#:
# of Participating Scientists:

Material relevant to the Institute

General Research Activities of the Dept./Lab

IMT-Bucharest, Centre of Nanotechnology

  • Theoretical studies and experimental technologies in nanomaterials and nanostructures, with main areas of expertise: silicon nanoelectrode arrays, low-frequency noise in nanostructured materials (both areas with contributions in the Encyclopaedia of nanotechnology); porous silicon layers; field emission nanostructures.
  • Consultancy in the domain of nanostructures, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies;
  • Nanostructured silicon; nanostructured aluminium nitride (AlN) thin layers;
  • Biomedical applications of nanostructures;
  • Bio-chips for diagnosing biological media and for pollution control;
  • Porous silicon matrix like bio-active material;
  • New method of characterization for nanomaterials, by low-frequency noise measurements;
  • The modelling, computer simulation and design of silicon integrated magnetic microsensors;
  • Development of new materials: Silicon carbide and diamond like carbon (DLC) thin layers.

INCDTIM-Cluj Napoca, Physics of multifunctional nanostructured systems

  • Development of synthesis methods for nanostructured conducting polymers
  • Synthesis of composites based on conducting polymers and inorganic (metals, metals oxides) or organic nonconducting materials
  • Determination of the nanostructure-properties relationships for conducting polymers and composites
  • Investigation of the electrical and magnetic properties of polymers-metal oxides nanocomposites
  • Tailoring the properties of conducting polymers and composites to make them suitable for specific applications like chemical sensors, biosensors, electrocatalysis, electromagnetic shielding.

Research Activities relevant to NoE

see pdf files (IMT and NIRDIMT)

Contribution to NoE (Analytical description)

Polymers for biomedical applications; biocompatible/ permeable / resorbable polymers (Possible applications:Tissue engineering and drug delivery systems); Investigation of the porous silicon /polymer composite materials for microsystem applications; CNT-polymeric composites; emitter inks based on conducting or semi-conducting particles dispersed in a polymeric binder (Possible applications: Field emission devices); Transparent conductive polymers (Possible applications: Electroluminescent devices); Nanoelectrode arrays on polymeric films as templates.

INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca
New precursors (copolymers, dendrimers hyperbranched polymers, microgels and nanoclusters); Formulations using hybrid structures (organic-inorganic, nanocomposites, nanotubes containing systems); Synthesis of polymers with special optical, electrical, magnetic and responsive properties; Electroactive systems: generation and transport of charge in nanostructured systems with conductive, semiconductive and photoconductive polymers, electroactive membranes and polymer batteries,phase separated blends with conducting components, photovoltaic devices.

Dedicated Staff
  1. Irina Kleps email
  2. Florea Craciunoiu email
  3. Mihaela Miu email
  4. Adina Bragaru email
  5. Rodica Turcu email
  6. Ioan Ovidiu Pana email
  7. Liviu Mihail Giurgiu email
  8. Izabela Craciunescu email

List of relevant publications

  • Irina Kleps, Electrochemical nanoelectrodes", Capter 2, pp. 793-817, "Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology" , H. S. Nalwa, (Ed.), American Scientific Publishers, 2004.
  • Irina Kleps, Anca Angelescu, Marioara Avram, Mihaela Miu, Monica Simion, "Nanostructures of pyramidal shape, technology and applications", Microelectronic Engineering 61-62 (2002) 675-680.
  • Irina Kleps, Anca Angelescu, Mihaela Miu, Marioara Avram, Monica Simion, "Measurement systems based on metal / dielectric nanostructures for electrochemical analyses", Materials Science and Engineering C19 (2002) 219-223
  • Kleps, A. Angelescu, M. Miu, "Preparation and Characterisation of Thin Films for Electroluminescent Devices Based on Porous Silicon", in "Nanostructured Films and Coatings", Edited by Gan-Moog Chow & all, NATO Science Series, Series 3. High Technology – Vol.78, p. 337-345, 2000;
  • I.Kleps, A. Angelescu, "Investigation of Al-a Si1-xCx interface", Surface Science 482-485 (2001) 771-775;
  • M. Miu, I. Kleps, A. Angelescu, M. Simion, A. Bragaru, "Optical and structural characterization of silicon nanocrystallite embedded in silicon oxide films", NATO-ARW "Towards the first silicon laser", September 21-26, 2002, Trento, Italy.
  • Irina Kleps, Anca Angelescu, Mihaela Miu, Monica Simion, Nicanor Moldovan, Sumant Kulkarni, Crina Paduraru, Stefana Petrescu, Ion N. Mihailescu, Teodora Neghina, Adina Bragaru, Valentin Teodorescu, Gabriel Socol, “Investigation of porous silicon nanostructures for biomedical applications”, 1st NanoForum Workshop: Nanomaterials and Applications, Sinaia, Romania, October 5-7, 2003.
  • I.Ardelean, P.Pascuta and L.V.Giurgiu: "EPR and Magnetic susceptibility investigations of Fe2O3-B2O3-KCl Glasses", Int. Journ.of Modern Physics B 17, 3049 (2003).
  • R.Turcu, I.Peter, O.Pana, L.Giurgiu, N.Aldea, B.Barz, M.Grecu, I.Chicinas, A.Coldea: "Structural and magnetic properties of polypyrrole nanocomposites", Molecular Crystals & Liquid Crystals, in press 2003.
  • L.V.Giurgiu: "Application of EMR to Platinum Molecular Complexes", Studia Univ.Babes-Bolyai, Physica, XLVIII, Special Issue, 85 (2003).
  • OI.Peter, R.Turcu, A.Bot, I.Chicinas, R.Grecu, L.Muresan, I.C.Popescu: "Polypyrrole ? zeolites composites for electroanalytical aplication", Studia Univ. Babes-Bolyai, in press 2003.
  • R. Turcu, I. Peter, A. Coldea, R. Tetean, G. Borodi: "Nanocomposites based on conducting polymers", Acta Technica Napocensis 45, 143 (2002).

List of infrastructure/ facilities of host Institution


  • UV-Vis, X-ray diffraction, SEM, conductivity, AFM, microsystems design and technological processes (electrochemical methods, photolithographic processes, vacuum evaporation deposition, high temperature processes, plasma etching.

INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca

  • FTIR, UV-Vis, EPR, X-ray diffraction, EXAFS, SEM –EDX, conductivity, AAS, electrochemical methods


Partner Identity
Material relevant to the Institute
General Research Activities of the Dept./Lab
Research Activities relevant to NoE
Contribution to NoE (Analytical description)
Dedicated Staff
List of relevant publications
List of infrastructure/ facilities of host Institution

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