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Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas, Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes
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Prof. Costas Galiotis email
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All WPs, WP14 leader, JPS coordinator
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Material relevant to the Institute

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General Research Activities of the Dept./Lab

Research Activities relevant to NoE

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Contribution to NoE (Analytical description)

WP8:Characterization of branched macromolecules (FT-IR, Raman, XPS)

WP9.2: Silica composites, Mechanical properties

WP10.1: Structural characterization by FT-Raman, FTIR and XPS spectroscopy and mechanical characterization of crosslinked systems

WP10.2 : Structural changes during transition by Raman, FT-Raman, FTIR and XPS

WP14: Spreading of Excellence
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The work package will produce a dual-use WEB-based portal, providing professional engineers and technologists in large companies, and in particular SMEs, with access to the technologies developed during the project, as well as up-to-date information on workshops, demonstrator events, conferences, on-line publications and an expertise-base provided by the project partners. At a second level the portal will provide access and a resource base for non-technical visitors with a more general interest in Nanostructured Polymers and Polymer-based Nanocomposite technologies, including an access point for the print and broadcast media. The package will also involve key project partners, that will provide local knowledge and expertise for the organisation of public awareness events assisting the Technology Outreach team for organizing industrially focussed events with particular attention to provide opportunities for awareness of SMEs on these novel technologies. ICE/HT-FORTH provides a mature operational model to coordinate outreach activities through technical outreach and public relations staff added to the Institute’s team. Prof. Galiotis, the Lead Contractor of this workpackage, is the editor of the International Scientific Journal “Advanced Composites Letters” that will be used as a base for spreading knowledge outside the Network. Furthermore, this editing experience will be exploited by the consortium in establishing a new scientific Journal targeting Nanostructured Polymers and Polymer-based Nanocomposites for enhancing the spreading of new knowledge acquired inside the Network. It is worth adding that Prof. Galiotis is the organizer of the ECCM11- 11TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON COMPOSITE MATERIALS conference which will take place on 31 MAY TO 3 JUNE 2004 almost 6 months after the starting date of the Network. A session of the conference will be dedicated to Nanocomposites and will comprise a forum for presenting the Network to the European community of Composite Materials.

The workpackage is divided into 7 sub-tasks:

ST14.1: Establish outreach staff at ICE/HT-FORTH

The task aims to the organization of the team responsible for the technology outreach in close cooperation with the Network Coordinator. This staff will hold the liability for organizing the programme of seminars and workshops, web-portal design and enrichment, annual meetings and other outreach activities.

ST14.2: Organise Europe-wide ‘generic’ introductory workshops/training

The first phase of knowledge dissemination includes an informative session for all partners during the kick-off meeting to homogenize the cumulative pre-existing know-how in the project scientific-technical areas (in collaboration with WP1 and JPR, already allocated to WP1).

ST14.3:Organize 6month, annual and review project meetings including publicity

The overall progress of the project will be under close supervision by the Network steering committee and Workpackage leaders. Annual meetings will be organized and held for all partners. Also, 2 month meetings will be held mainly for the Workpackage leaders + Network Steering Committee (in collaboration with WP1 and JPR, already allocated to WP1).

ST14.4:Design, construct and populate web-portal (in collaboration with JPI and JPR)

A web-portal will be created ( .org/ .com) ) in order to provide two specific tasks: a. Increase awareness to nanocomposite technologies through multimedia presentations and on-line articles available to the public. b. Provide an online technology database available only to project partners. The database will encompass the pre-existing know how in the form of presentations produced at the workshops. Also, the web-portal will be used for announcements, schedule info etc. The web-portal will be created at three levels, simplified, advanced and restricted. The advanced level will include summaries of Joint Research projects and Transfer Technology programmes, publications, advances in Ph.D activities(courses and thesis) and other activities such as proceedings of conferences, workshops, articles in newspapers, links to other related web pages. One major operation of the portal will be targeted to establish opportunities for virtual distance learning, equipment sharing and dissemination of knowledge in the field of polymer nanocomposites.

ST14.5: Maintenance –Updating of web portal with info-emerging techs

The web-portal will be constantly updated and enriched with the emerging know-how from the Network and will also provide links to nanocomposite technologies emerging worldwide.

ST14.6: Design, distribute and support outreach articles/releases for European media

Technical papers, newsletters, press releases, reviews and public articles are to be produced and submitted to the public with responsibility of the WP14 lead contractor in close cooperation with WP2 (IPR) and the approval of the Network steering committee. The core of this task will be the establishment of a new scientific Journal targeting to Nanostructured Polymers and Polymer-based Nanocomposites.

Dedicated Staff

1. Costas Galiotis email
2. Costas Tsitsilianis email
3. Spiros Ladas email
4. Vassilis Gregoriou email
5. Stella Kennou email
6. John Parthenios email
7. Konstantinos Dassios email
8. Stavros Bollas email
9. Spiros Tzavalas email

List of relevant publications

List of infrastructure/ facilities of host Institution

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Partner Identity
Material relevant to the Institute
General Research Activities of the Dept./Lab
Research Activities relevant to NoE
Contribution to NoE (Analytical description)
Dedicated Staff
List of relevant publications
List of infrastructure/ facilities of host Institution

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