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Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.
Name of Dept./Lab involved in NoE:
Institute for Physical Chemistry and Polymer Physics
Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry
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Responsible Scientist:
Prof. Brigitte Voit email
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WP leader WP 4,8
# of Participating Scientists:

Material relevant to the Institute

Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden

The work of the institute bridges the gap between fundamental research and application of polymer materials. Interdisciplinary co-operation of scientists and engineers sets the basis for development and improvement of polymer materials and new processing technologies.
The studies include chemical synthesis, modification, characterization and testing of materials as well as investigations on polymer processing. A particular focus is put on investigations of the influence of interfaces in multiphase systems, in composites and thin films, on the role of interfaces in polymer processing, and on design and characterization of interfaces.

Areas of research:
a. Synthesis of specific polymer architectures and functional polymers
b. Reactions in melts and blends
c. Characterization and design of polymer interfaces
d. Biocompatible interfaces
e. Polymer composites: Compounding, modelling, applications
f. Functionalized surfaces and polyelectrolytes

The IPF has three divisions:

  • - Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry
  • - Institute of Physical Chemistry and Polymer Physics
  • - Institute of Polymer Materials

Research on biomaterials, especially in the interdisciplinary field of molecular bioengineering, is conducted in the Max Bergmann Centre of Biomaterials, a joint initiative of the IPF and the Dresden University of Technology established in a new laboratory building at the IPF campus.

The institute is integrated in the scientific community co-operating with many polymer research institutes in Germany and abroad.
In addition, co-operation with industry in application-focussed research projects is a particular concern and a strong effort in the institute’s work.
The institute offers very good conditions for co-operation in such projects:
· Experienced experts and highly motivated young researchers are
specialized in different fields.
· Up-to-date research equipments including pilot plants are available.
· Chemists, physicists, biologists, and engineers co-operate to achieve an interdisciplinary approach.
· Co-operations with institutes of the Materials Research Association Dresden and other research institutes open up additional potentials.
· Close links with the Dresden University of Technology are ensured by joint appointment of the institutes leading scientists as professors at the university.
In many co-operations with industrial enterprises the institute has proved to be a competent and reliable partner of industry. Medium and long-term industrial co-operations in projects of high scientific merit are encouraged. Several models for funding are possible. To a certain extent also consulting, expert reviews, and service measurements and tests are possible.

General information
Member of Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft G. W. Leibniz e. V.
regular budget financed by federal and land governments
Foundation: January 1, 1992
Personnel: 330 (11/2003) including 192 scientists and PhD student

General Research Activities of the Dept./Lab

see pdf files 1 and 2

Research Activities relevant to NoE

see pdf files 1 and 2

Contribution to NoE (Analytical description)

see pdf files 1 and 2

Dedicated Staff

1. Voit Brigitte email (WP1,4,8,16)
2. Pospiech Doris email (WP4,7,8,11)
3. Böhme Frank email (WP5,9)
4. Pötschke Petra email (WP5,9)
5. Stamm Manfred email (WP6,10,13,14)
6. Zafeiropoulos Nikolaos email (WP6,10)
7. Weidisch Frank email (WP7,11)
8. Reguero Antonio email (WP1,2,3,15,16)
9. Benz Birgit email (WP2,3,15)

List of relevant publications:

List of infrastructure/ facilities of host Institution

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Partner Identity
Material relevant to the Institute
General Research Activities of the Dept./Lab
Research Activities relevant to NoE
Contribution to NoE (Analytical description)
Dedicated Staff
List of relevant publications
List of infrastructure/ facilities of host Institution

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