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Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale
per la Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali
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Responsible Scientist:
Prof. José Maria Kenny email
Active in WP#:
WP 1-13-16 Leader, Network Coordinator, Network Finance Manager
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Material relevant to the Institute

Actually there are 43 INSTM affiliated universities operating, all those departments where research on materials is performed. The number of principal investigators is steadily growing and by now has reached 1800 persons, including fellowships and post-docs.The Consortium coordinates the activities of the affiliated universities, providing technical and financial support in order to promote the development of new collaborations in the Material Science and Technology’s field and to reach the required ‘critical mass’ for tackling innovative research projects at the highest competitiveness-level.The success of this strategy has been confirmed by the large number and the high quality of national and international funded research projects INSTM is involved in.INSTM has recently started important technology transfer initiatives, in order to offer interesting opportunities of interaction between the academic and the industrial world.

Mission Statement
To promote, coordinate and perform research, education, technological advancement in the Materials Science and Technology’s field in Italy, particularly in connection with chemistry, engineering and nanotechnology, optimising the efforts of the affiliated universities.To promote the development of centres of excellence and of the national-levelled facilities needed to perform research and development in Materials Science and Technology at the highest level.To provide a unique reference point for international partnerships and collaborations, offering the full spectrum of the top of Italian’s research and facilities in the above mentioned areas.To offer a unique reference point to industry for expert advice and problem solving.To promote the public understanding of Materials Science and Technology and an awareness of its implications, especially in the areas of health, safety, energy, cultural heritage conservation and nanotechnology, through publications, fellowships, awards, courses and meetings.

General Research Activities of the Dept./Lab

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Research Activities relevant to NoE

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Contribution to NoE (Analytical description)
Further to the above listed Research Activities, INSTM covers the following positions and activities within the Network:
  • Network Coordinator,
  • Network Finance Manager,
  • Network Operational Management, Administration and Secretariat Office


  • WP 13 Leader
  • European PhD Programme: PHD Program on Material Nanotechnologies organized by University of Perugia and INSA-Lyon (contribution to planned mobility of PhD Students performing their research activities mainly in laboratories of the organisations involved in the Network)
  • E-Learning Master: European Master on Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites (in collaboration with WP14)
  • First Training School: Short Course for PhD Students (28-27 January 2005 in Dresden - Germany, in collaboration with JPR)
  • Second Training School: To be defined (in collaboration with JPR)
  • Member of the Network Spreading Committee
Technology Transfer:
  • Member of the Technology Transfer Working Group
  • Constitution of Italian Node for Technology Transfer
  • The Activities of INSTM within the Network regarding Technology Transfer will be carried out through its participated company RETE VENTURES, which has specific know-how and a long time experience in this field
  • JPI Coordinator
  • WP1 Leader
  • Member of the Network Integration Committee
  • Mobility plan for researchers and students
    Development and implementation of an internal communication plan
  • Development and implementation of a database of resources and technological information

Dedicated Staff
  1. José Maria KENNY email (WP1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 12, 14, 15, 16)
  2. Saverio RUSSO email(WP 4, 8)
  3. Giovanni CAMINO email (WP6, 10, 13)
  4. Emo CHIELLINI email (WP 7, 11)
  5. Claudia BETTACCINI email (Operational Management Office)
  6. Daniele CONSIGLI email (Administration Office)
  7. Sabine DANIELI email (Secretariat Office Florence)
  8. Leda Isabel TOSONI, Lyza MILLARD email (Secreteriat Office Terni)

List of relevant publications

José Maria Keny, Luca Valentini
Saverio Russo, Orietta Monticelli
Giovanni Camino, Daniela Tabuani
Emo Chiellini, Roberto Solaro
Theonis Riccò
Michele Vacatello
Maria Vittoria Russo
Vittoria Vittoria
Claudio Migliaresi, Alessandro Pegoretti
Antonino Pollicino
Francesco Pilati
Antonio Marigo

List of infrastructure/ facilities of host Institution

INSTM has established the following Laboratories, in order to make available some facilities to the largest number possible of researchers:

  • High Field High Frequency EPR Spectrometer, in collaboration with INFM and CNR (IPCF of CNR, Pisa)
  • Ultra Fast LASER Spectroscopies (University of Padua)
  • Solid State NMR Spectrometer (University of Milan “Bicocca”)
  • High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (University of Genoa)
  • EFISH System for NLO (University of Milan)
  • Virtual Laboratory for high performance computing for materials modelling (CINECA, Bologna)
  • Network of Laboratories for the Physical and Chemical Characterisation of New Self Assembled Supramolecular Material for Developments in Electrics and Photonics (University of Calabria)
  • ELETTRA Synchrotron Radiation Source (Trieste)
  • Research Institute for Nanoscience RIN (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
  • Fine Analysis of Matter European Instrumentation Laboratory FAMELab (CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Oxfordshire)

INSTM is also planning to make available already existing, sophisticated instrumentation in the different Italian Universities.




Partner Identity
Material relevant to the Institute
General Research Activities of the Dept./Lab
Research Activities relevant to NoE
Contribution to NoE (Analytical description)
Dedicated Staff
List of relevant publications
List of infrastructure/ facilities of host Institution

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