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In this section you’ll find upcoming activities and reports on activities done. The gender office gives to the partners the possibility to ask for activities to be done in their local institution. All of the activities have the aim of improving gender relationships in working environments.

Services and practical support offered to Nanofun-partners by the Gender Office upon request

- Guided and moderated discussion groups;
a guided and moderated discussion group on gender and gender related problems.

Target group: PhD students, working groups
Estimated time required: approximately ½ day
Objective: stimulate and initiate local discussions

- Gender training:

The gender training is meant for people in management positions; we want to give some clues and instruments to deal with issues related to women’s identities and lives.

Target group: people or group of people in management positions
Estimated time required: ½ day
Objective: improve gender relationship in working environments and therefore productivity

- Cineforum;

½-day workshop based on projections of movies and documentaries about women in science followed by a discussion and debate among the participants.
Objective: raise awareness among young researchers
Target group: Male and female undergraduate and/or PhD-students at the partners

If you wish to ask for any of these activities do not hesitate and contact us.









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