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Introduction to Gender & Other Issues Ethics, Health, (WP3)


Work is undertaken by the network to develop instruments that handle issues that are not specifically addressed in other work packages. Examples of such issues are e.g. ethics, health, gender, national and European policies. These issues are continuously monitored by the network to permit and guide the integration efforts not only on a technical and educational basis but also on basis of more general nature.

Parts of the results from the work are communicated to all network participants in the form of Guidelines for Other Issues. (Guideline is in this context a simple and practical instruction that serve as manual for persons or organizations operating in the name of the network). Example of guidelines currently available are:
• Guidelines for Ethics, Health and Gender in research proposals supported by Nanofun-Poly
• Guidelines for Ethics, Health and Gender of seminars, workshops, conferences, courses and other outreach activities arranged within the framework of Nanofun-Poly.

The guidelines are available in downloadable format in the DOCUMENTATION section of the Nanofun-poly web-pages (available only for registered network-participants)

Some relevant links with additional information

The Nanoscience and nanotechnology website (by The Royal Society, UK) provides information and discussion with respect to e.g. ethics and health link.

The final report from a study on nanotechnologies - ‘Nanoscience and nanotechnologies: opportunities and uncertainties’ can be found on this link.

‘Technological analysis, Industrial application of nanomaterials - chances and risks’ downloadable report from VDI Technologiezentrum link.

Information on a Europe-wide dialogue on benefits, risks and social, ethical and legal implications of nanotechnology within Nanologue, a new European Commissioned-funded project, can be found here.

Information and contact details of CEN/BTWG 166 ‘Nanotechnology’ working group link




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