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Fourth Short Course on


1st– 2nd September 2006, Poznan
Organised by
Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali (INSTM) - Italy
in collaboration with
Department of Molecular Physics, Technical University of Lodz

(Course Brochure in pdf)


Relevant interest in nanosciences and nanotechnologies as new tools for developments in the European industrial sectors as well as for the creation of new nanotechnology-related industries has arisen only in the last few years. During that time, new methods for synthesis (combinatorial chemistry combined with high rate characterization methods, controlled radical polymerisation, supramolecular chemistry, etc.), processing (surface patterning, self-assembling, intercalation, etc.) and characterization techniques operating at different scales (atomic force miscroscopy, scattering techniques, etc.) were developed, leading to the creation of new and innovative devices and objects from nanostructured polymers and their nanocomposites. The availability of these tools and the necessity to further develop and spread knowledge to propose environment-friendly strategies, required for the production of polymer-based nanocomposites, justifies the creation of a research consortium by networking well-recognized inter disciplinary European research teams.

The Fourth Short Course will be focused on advanced topics of the relaxation phenomena in nanomaterials.



G. Boiteux ( Lyon, France) "In-situ monitoring of structure evolution by dielectric spectroscopy"
Y. Feldman ( Jerusalem, Israel) "Dielectric properties of biological systems" B. Hilczer ( Poznan, Poland) "Dielectric response of electroactive ceramic-polymer nanocomposites"
J. Kenny ( Terni, Italy) "Electrical properties of polymer/nanotubes composites"
F. Kremer ( Leipzig, Germany) "Introduction to Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy"
K. L. Ngai ( Washington, USA) "Interpreting the dynamics of nano-confined glass-formers and thin polymer films: importance of starting from a viable theory for the bulk"
L. Okrasa ( Lodz, Poland) "Molecular dynamics in macromolecules with complex architecture"
P. Pissis ( Athens, Greece) "Dielectric spectroscopy of nanocomposites" J. Pfleger (Prague, Czech Rep.) "Special dielectrics for opto-electronics" P. Polanowski ( Lodz, Poland) "Simulation of complex liquid behaviour in ultra-thin layers"
A. Schönhals ( Berlin, Germany) "Molecular dynamics in nanoconfined systems"
M. Wübbenhorst ( Leuven, Belgium) "Molecular relaxations in ultra-thin polymer films"

The course will begin at 14:00 on Friday 1st September and end at 17:30 on February 2nd September.

See the print vesrion (.pdf)



Deadline for payment of registration fee: July 15th, 2006


The Course is organised, on behalf of the NoE NANOFUN-POLY Steering Committee, by

Consorzio INSTM
Via G. Giusti, 59
50121 Firenze, Italy

Scientific committe:

José Maria Kenny - INSTM (mail)
Phone +390744492939, Fax +390744492925

Giovanni Camino - INSTM (mail)
Phone +390131229361, Fax +390131229331

Jacek Ulanski - Department of Molecular Physics, Faculty of Chemistry, Technical University of Lodz (mail)
Phone +48426313216, Fax +48426313218 

Organising committee:

Claudia Bettaccini ( )
Phone +39 055 233871, Fax +39 055 2480111,

Sabine Danieli ( )
Phone +39 055 233871, Fax +39 055 2480111,

Daniela Tabuani ( )
Phone +390131229361, Fax +390131229331

Lidia Okrasa - Department of Molecular Physics, Faculty of Chemistry, Technical University of Lodz ( Phone +48426313205, Fax +48426313218 (on site organisation)



Short Course Venue

Poznan is a flourishing city located in Western Poland, the capital of Wielkopolska Province. It is Poland’s major business and banking centre. At the same time it is perceived as cultural, sports and recreation centre:
Poznan is easily accessible by plane or train. The airport LAWICA in Poznan offers several international links. Travel time by train from Warsaw (300 km) and Berlin (280 km) is ca 3 hrs.
The course will be organised in the Conference Centre of the Institute of the Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciencesat Wieniawskiego street No 17/19: located in the downtown of Poznan


Fees and registration

On-line Registration

Fill in the Registration form (.doc) and send it by email to

The fee for the course is € 100.

The fee includes a complete set of course notes, lunch, course dinner and coffee breaks. It does not include hotel accommodation. The fee must be paid before July 15 th.

PhD students inside the network will participate to the Short Course free of charges.

Please note that the number of places is limited to 60 on the basis of first arrived first served. Early registration is strongly advised.

Cancellation: Before August 15 th, full refund.

Substitutions may be made at any time.


Hotel reservation
Special offer for the Course participants is arranged in the Hotel Ikar located nearby the Conference Centre: single room with breakfast: 160 PLN per night; double room with breakfast: 220 PLN per night. This offer is valid until July 31 st, with a password: IDS&DRD 2006.

Please contact directly Hotel Ikar, street Kosciuszki 118; 61-717 Poznan tel.: (+48) (0) 61 658 71 08, fax: (+48) (0) 61 851 58 67,
e-mail: rezerwacja@ ; ;

Many other hotels can be found on the city web site:

Accommodation in students dormitory located at street Sw. Rocha 11b (ca 25 min. walk or 10 min by bus or by tram) are also available – see the registration form (9 euro for 1 night in double room, no breakfast, payment on place).

Accommodation in students dormitory located at street Sw. Rocha 11b (ca 25 min. walk or 10 min by bus or by tram) will be also available (9 euro for 1 night in double room, no breakfast, payment on place). Please, fill appropriate position in the registration form.





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