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European Network of Excellence (NoE) NANOFUN-POLY
Nanostructured and Functional Polymer-Based Materials and Nanocomposites

Workshop on
Multi-Scale Modelling of Nanostructured and Functional Polymeric Materials Application Driven Modelling

Brno, Czech Republic, 7th - 10th October 2007

Organised by

  • Virtual Modelling Laboratory of NANOFUN-POLY
  • Consortium for Research of Nanostructured and Crosslinked Polymeric Materials (CRNCPM) - Czech Republic

How can computer modelling help to develop, understand, and upgrade nanostructured polymeric materials and their functions?

Multilevel modelling of structure and properties of polymers, composites with polymeric matrices, and biomaterials. The workshop will include oral and poster presentations. There will be ample discussion time. All contributions will be presented in the book of abstracts and on a CD.

Participation is limited to NANOFUN-POLY participants and other invited scientist. There is no registration fee charged. Language The language of the course will be English

The language of the workshop will be English.

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